CEO Columns

This portal is an attempt by the Cantonment Board to make comprehensible, the complex terminology, rules and procedures to the residents of the cantonment so as to make them active participants in the process of governance in place of passive receivers of information from the government. Effort has been made in it to explain the frequently used jargons of the cantonment administration, like old grant, mutation, free hold conversion, GLR and composition etc., in simple language which have remained incomprehensible since long for the residents of the cantonment.

The website has also included several useful features like online complaints, enquiry, feedback etc. For solving day to day problems of basic services like water supply, sanitation, street lighting, health and schooling, the addresses of the contact officials have been provided alongwith the likely duration during which the problems are to be attended.

It is expected that launch of this portal shall be of great help to the common man of the cantonment and Cantonment Board shall also benefit from the inputs/suggestions given by the viewers of this which shall help it remove its deficiencies and improve its working.

Shri. Amit Kumar Mishra (IDES)

Chief Executive Officer

Lucknow Cantt.